R O W S 

Signature ROW

45 min


Our Signature ROW integrates intervals, endurance, and weights, with a cool down stretch at the end.


Power ROW

45 min


Think ROW + Boot Camp. This is interval ROWing  with periods of weighted exercises working opposing muscle groups to provide a full body workout giving you a cardio and strength training experience all in one.



Rapid ROW

30 min


This is our HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) ROW - no weights and no joke. This ROW alternates short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods.Get ready to work during these 30 minutes as we get our blood pumping and our heart rate up.


60 min


Just as the name indicates - we ROW until we hit 10,000 meters, and we won’t stop until the last person reaches that goal! Some love it, some hate it, but they all leave sweating.


ROW & Restore

60 min


ROW and Restore combines strength, cardio, and flexibility in one complete workout. Begin with 30 minutes of ROWing to increase  strength and cardio endurance, and finish off the ROWer and on the mat with exercises and movement that focus on resting and recovering the muscles engaged while ROWing.