All ROW pack and membership purchases are final. No refunds, no exceptions. Drop-ins expire 1 month from date of purchase. Trial ROW expires 1 month from date of purchase. Trial Unlimited ROW expires 14 days from date of purchase. 5-ROW Package expire 3 months from date of purchase. 10-ROW Package and 20-ROW Package expire 6 months from date of purchase. The 50-ROW package expires 12 months from date of purchase. The Monthly 4 ROW and Monthly Unlimited ROW automatically renews unless cancelled at least 30 days in advance of the next billing date. Clients must present notice to the studio in person in order to cancel the Monthly 4 Row or Monthly Unlimited ROW Pass.


If a ROW is fully booked, you can opt to be placed on the waitlist. If a spot opens up, you will automatically be signed up and we will notify you that you’ve been signed up for the ROW. If you don’t get a notification in advance, but you’re in the area, we would love for you to drop into the studio to see if there are any last-minute cancellations or no-shows.


If you're running late, give us a call and we'll hold your seat for up to five minutes. If you are not present at the start of a ROW that you signed up for, your seat may be given to someone on the waitlist or a walk-in.  After five minutes, the studio doors will be closed. This is both a safety and courtesy issue for our rowers.


If you need to cancel, let us know 3 hours in advance of your scheduled ROW, so we have time to offer your seat to another ROWer. ROWs beginning at 6:00AM or earlier must be cancelled by 9:00PM the night before. Once your ROW is cancelled, the credit will be returned to your package to be used at a future date. A late cancellation will result in the deduction of the ROW. For Monthly Unlimited ROW passes: a late cancel will result in a $10 fee. You can cancel a ROW on your own through our website or  by calling the studio directly.


If you arrive more than five minutes after a ROW begins, or you do not attend a ROW that you are signed up for, a ROW will be deducted from your package. For Monthly Unlimited ROW passes: a no-show will result in a $10 fee. We want everyone to have a chance to get their ROW on!


We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes early to get acquainted with your studio, coach, machine, and proper form. It’s also nice to have time to say hi and chat with your fellow ROWers!


We allow walk-ins to each scheduled ROW. However, to secure a seat, it is best to pre- purchase the ROW. Any ROWers on our wait list who have arrived and are waiting for a seat will take precedence over a walk-in. Walk-in rowers are allowed to take any available seats at the start of a ROW.