R O W   O K C   C R E W

Annie Gray


RN and mother of 4, Annie turned to fitness in her mid 30's to combat stress. She loves a challenge and changing up her workouts often in order to keep it interesting. She loves everything from running, hiking, yoga and OF COURSE rowing. 

"My goal started out as just physical. I wanted to look good, but through my journey I have found so much more. I have found strength, balance, confidence and community."

"I love rowing because it's a total body workout. I get cardio and strength training all in one." 

Ginny Edwards


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Joesph Dykes


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Laurie Olsen


Laurie is a wife and mother to 7 children. She has learned that it’s important to take time  for ourselves physically and emotionally. She has done this through running most of her life, with 2 marathons and over a dozen half marathons. When she moved back to Oklahoma 5 years ago, she was no longer benefiting from her usual workouts. She came across ROWing as a new and fun way to exercise, and was immediately hooked! Not only did it change her body, but it gave her a new passion that she loves to share with others.

Michael Luk


Michael has spent a decade on developing his own personal health and well-being, and wants to share his passion and experience with others. He discovered the joys of ROWing in 2016 and found it to be an excellent choice to round out his routine and balance out his indulgent eating habits. At ROW OKC, Michael wants you to have the best life you can by helping you to achieve the body that you deserve. 

Michael holds the following certifications: ACE CPT (Certified Personal Trainer), GFI (Group Fitness Instructor) FNS (Fitness Nutrition Specialist), Yoga Alliance RYT200 (Registered Yoga Teacher), CPR/AED.

Heather Weaver


Heather was an avid runner recovering from a serious hip and knee injury when she discovered rowing. Initially, she tried rowing because she wanted her back and arms to look toned in her wedding dress, but found it to be so much more! As a coach, Heather loves sharing her passion and enthusiasm for ROWing by providing an outlet to work off stress and help you build a stronger healthier, better version of you."