Oklahoma City's Premier Indoor ROW Studio

No other fitness studio in Oklahoma City offers an experience rooted in the ROWing stroke. With the variety of group instruction we offer, Open Hours Access, and additional services, we strive to make ROW OKC an inclusive destination for you to attain your health and fitness goals.

What is ROW?

ROW is a high intensity, low impact, full body workout. It's the most joint friendly type of workout. Unlike spinning, the ROWing stroke works 84% of your muscle mass so you are lengthening and strengthening muscle at the same time. ROWing works more muscles than spinning, provides better cardio than yoga, and exerts less impact on your joints than running. ROWing is the optimal way to burn calories without losing lean muscle. Engage more muscles in your body and burn up to 750 calories in our 45 min Signature ROW.



Check out what we have to offer! We have various classes from our Signature ROW to a ROW integrating yoga, and one incorporating HIIT. Going for the distance? Check out our 10K ROW!

Start Times


Ready to ROW? Find a time that works for you and get your ROW on!



We offer a number of options that work for your budget, ranging from flexible ROW packs to Monthly Passes. We also offer special pricing for Active Military, Veterans, Civil Servants, Teachers and Students